Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Special delivery, Between our comings and goings, A call from Pete

1. I made the final stitches on my mom's Christmas gift, wrapped everything in sparkly gift wrap and now I can deliver her gifts in person.
2. She apologizes for not having much on hand to serve for our visit:  a delicious pot of coffee, paper thin slices of apple, assorted cheeses, crackers and spicy cookies! Best of all is the visit.
3. I was debating where to stay in New York because my childhood home would be lonely with no one else there. So I was glad when my FIL called and asked me to stay at their house. I knew all along that I could stay there; I didn't need an invitation, but it made the decision easier for me.


  1. Safe journey, Leonora! I don't like to stay in my empty childhood home either. Too many ghosts.

  2. Based on your mom's eating habits, she sounds a lot like my mother! Enjoy your trip to New York. :)

  3. the food sounds just perfect...happy visiting!