Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Momur, A gypsy and a dog

1. Steve's rhino comment on yesterday's post got me listening to Adrian Belew for my drive today. The Momur- I'm smiling a lot. This is my Halloween persona; no costume required...however, raging hormones may be necessary.

2. Tess and her friends decided they were not too old for trick-or-treating. She quickly transformed into a gypsy and I dropped her off in town for the local festivities.

3. Sweet little Henri turns seven today. Audrey brought him gifts and he dozed on his new bed all afternoon.


  1. Awww - happy birthday Henri!

  2. Never too old for trick or treating. :) Sweet pic of Henri.

  3. That song is AWESOME!!!! How did I never hear that before in my life? I think I have to get that album. So much fun! (Pays to keep a sense of humor...)

  4. Kids should go trick-or-treating as long as possible. Heck, adults should go trick-or-treating! If you come to my house and you're in a costume, you're getting candy. I don't care how old you are!