Friday, October 28, 2011

Will even cheer a curmudgeon, Great beginnings, On the right side of the window

1. The first snow of the season excites us with its magic. We dart to windows, calling others in the house to, "Come see! It's snowing!" Suddenly, Christmas lists are being composed.
2. Onions, celery and garlic gently sauté in olive oil promising the start of a good vegetable soup for dinner.
3. Sitting in my favorite chair, reading and then sewing with the lamplight over my shoulder while something frozen patters on the window.


  1. Oh how I remember the excitement of those first snow falls!! How wonderful! xxoo

  2. We're expecting our first snowfall today! Very exciting.

  3. Nothing like a little snow to make Christmas seem closer!

  4. We got hail-like snow here last night--icy and noisy, too--but this morning the sun came out (thank goodness) in time for the state cross country meet.

    But we'll see more snow tonight! I love hunkering down for a nor'easter, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to make a market run for something to simmer. That'll be fun. ;)