Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reorganizing the wardrobe, Landscapes, Sorry! Sorry!

1. I feel like I have something new to wear when I take winter clothes out of storage. I haven't seen these old friends for several months and we're getting reacquainted. The lavender I had tucked into the trunk left them gently scented.
2. The clouds form dramatic scenes on every horizon. They work well with the mountains, creating breathtaking views.
3. Green cherry tomatoes "Pop!" when I accidentally step on them in the garden. It's gross but also addicting- like stepping on bubble wrap.


  1. I love bubble wrap, too - I completely understand. :)

  2. Stomping on green cherry tomatoes--sounds like the makings of a new tomato wine?

    I love this time of year. The transformation from summer to fall, the shortening and cooling of days, and quickening of color is renewing. And I love to take out those wools, too. ;)