Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Composer unknown, A challenge, Craving

1. Among the box of music we bought at auction last summer was this handwritten music score titled, "A Christmas Carol to My Washington Family" from 1937. Today I found the perfect frame for it and now it is sandwiched between two pieces of glass and sits atop our piano.
2. Steve gives me second chances when we play pool.
3. I made a rich chicken and rice casserole with mushrooms, pimento and crunchy sliced almonds. I use whole milk and a vegetable bouillon that B. brings me from Germany. Pure comfort food for a cold and rainy night.


  1. Well, that's lovely! I like that framing a great deal. What a terrific idea.

  2. Thanks Anita! Michael's sells these frames that simply sandwich your photo (or whatever) between the panes of glass. I think they call them "float frames". This way, we can see the music that is also written on the back side.

  3. What a treasure. I'd love to try and play that piece.

  4. Elizabeth- I would love to hear what it sounds like. Tess has tried to play it, but she can't make out all of the handwriting.