Thursday, October 20, 2011

Five stars, Migrating, Armed with a Sharpie

1. The movie Buck is an excellent documentary! It's the story of Buck Brannaman who some call The Horse Whisperer. I would recommend this movie for everyone, not only horse people. One of many quotes I especially like:
"You know a horse is pretty sensitive. A horse can feel a mosquito on their butt in a wind storm."
2. I noticed a plume of gray smoke off in the distance. I didn't think much of it until Tess exclaimed, "Look at that flock of birds!" It was a lot of birds.
3. Organizing and cleaning makes me extraordinarily happy. It might actually be a curse... I'm not sure. But I felt good all day after I sorted, labeled and organized all our old paint cans in the basement.


  1. I love that the migrating birds know just want to do and when to do it.

    Happy weekend, Leonora!

  2. I like for things to be organized, but I'm not so good about getting it that way!

  3. Sounds like a great movie. Sounds like autumn too. I miss seeing the migrating birds . . .