Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I can't look, Her favorite subject, Not many of these left

1. I used to help Steve's grandmother periodically clean out her file cabinet. It would take all day because she would read every piece of paper, stop and cry. I attempted to do a bit of my own file cabinet purging today. I didn't get far before I ran across this drawing done by Chelsea when she was 4 1/2. Notice the color of the streamers? They reminded me of the photo from last Saturday-they match her jersey 20 years later. I don't dare go back to the filing cabinet because at this rate, it will take me all day. : )

2. While packing her ample school lunch she says, " I wish lunch counted as a subject because I would get an A."
3. Balmy temperatures and dwindling daylight allowed for an evening walk. We picked up a few acorns as we went along.


  1. I love that drawing - it's lovely that you kept it safe like that.

    Did you see my email response to your lovely email from more than a month ago? I sort of stopped checking that gth email that often because I wasn't getting any emails. You were the first and I was pleased that we like so many of the same books and movies. :)

    Oddly - now that I am checking the gth email every day (lest I miss a great one like yours), I got another email from another blogger. This time a complaint! :)