Sunday, October 16, 2011

Comes with a history, The thoughts of a parent, But it needs to be sterile!

1. Steve is really smitten with his new toy. He researched the company that made the table, measured bolts and boards and came up with a manufacture date in the 1920's. I like to imagine the places and things this table has seen.
2. The top is made from three pieces of slate, each weighing 250 pounds. There were no men around to help him carry them down from the truck. Daughter #3 was happy to oblige. "Aren't you glad you have a strong daughter?" she asks me with pride. A simple, "Yes!" doesn't suffice, but I don't bore her with my long answer.
3. Chelsea and Tess decide to build terrariums in some gallon bottles, but we have no potting soil. Steve finds this amusing. In typical dad-style he says, "You mean we have five acres out there and you have no dirt?"


  1. So will that be your new dining table? I love things like this with a past.

  2. Ha, ha! Goodness no, Lynn! It's a billiard table. I was scolded this morning for setting some books on the felt top he re-installed last night.