Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bonfires- one reason why fall is my favorite season.

Perfect fall weather and most of the kids' schedules came together for a bonfire weekend. There was a lot of rubble to burn from the trees Steve cut last week.

We had the fire going when Steve returned from his week away.

Mugs of baked potato soup, hot dogs to roast on sticks, the fixings for s'mores and a Boston Cream Pie with candles for Matt's birthday were all carried out to the fire.

Chelsea and Audrey



  1. What a perfect weekend. (MOM! I have a BLOG! Follow me!!) <3

  2. Yum - I wish I had been there. :) And that last pic is cool with the silhouette.

  3. Oh, there is nothing like a bonfire and family. How wonderful. xxoo