Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raise your hand if you..., Night creatures, My second-favorite flavor

1. The librarian who was leading children's story time at the library did a fantastic job. He was completely in control, animated, and engaging. The children sang and danced, marched with instruments, listened to stories and had an activity. I was impressed by this free community resource for young families.
2. Bats are on their nightly rounds a bit early, before it's completely dark. I stop in the yard to watch them silhouetted against the dusky sky. Their movements remind me of butterflies, tentative and delicate.They quickly dive for a bug, then flutter some more.
3. We stop at Bruester's on the way home for ice cream. One scoop of Butter Pecan... perfection!

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  1. I don't mind bats outdoors. It's when they get in the house I am not happy about. Terrifying. They are a protected species over here. It is against the law to do anything to harm them.