Friday, September 16, 2011

It's here!, Forced to make a decision, Exceptional employees

1. Fall blew in overnight! When I went marketing, I had a fall theme going on in my shopping cart. I bought molasses cookies, pumpkin spice granola bars, butternut squash, and chicken soup ingredients. Oh! And Kraft caramels for making caramel apples : ) The soup was the only item actually on my list.
2. I must have walked up and down the greenhouse four times trying to choose which color mums to buy. At four for $12.99 (Country Corner in Bonsack), they are full and covered in buds. Just a hint of color is peeking from the few opened flowers. Even if they only last two weeks, the beauty and added interest to the garden will be worth it.
3. Most of the cashiers and baggers at the Bonsack Kroger are teens or college kids. They are the nicest, most respectful, polite workers I've ever encountered. I should write the manager a letter...I think I will.


  1. I'm having a lovely morning on the cool back porch here, too. And I did the same - I bought stuff to make a sort of harvest dish. Love this weather.

    And I am certain that letter would be welcome.

  2. I've been craving a pumpkin spice doughnut from Dunkin Doughts for a few days now. You definitely should write the manager a letter...that is a RARE thing! :)