Friday, September 2, 2011

Hitting the payload, How did I get here?, Just doing my job

1. While browsing the library shelves in hopes of finding a book for the weekend, the librarian passes by and says there are two books on hold for me up front. I was worried that I might not find anything and now I have four.
2. I'm immersed in a world entirely foreign to me- the world of high school football. I sit on the bleachers, almost numb with sensory overload. The aroma of grilled food fills the air, country music blares over speakers while the marching band simultaneously warms up. Little kids run to and fro with sodas and candy, big boys punch shoulders and teen girls form huddles making furtive glances outside their circles. Crowds funnel in to find seats. On the field, dozens of players warm up with some comical stretches. Just beyond the end goal, a cow swishes its tail and grazes in a field. I turn my attention to the beautiful sunset behind the mountains and wonder...
3. The conversation in the back seat is entertaining. These girls are witty and funny! I'm just the invisible chauffeur so I try to keep my chuckles quiet.


  1. High school football games - nothing like it. Enjoy!

  2. What a beautiful backdrop to a brutal game. Fun to watch--but so glad my son prefers soccer! Thus, begins fall... too soon. The tops of our maples are starting to golden.

    (I love the "furtive glances" and "invisible chauffeur. You've captured it perfectly, Leonora.) ;)