Sunday, September 4, 2011

During the night, Performing in Saratoga, Making their own plans

1. We awake to beautiful, spun treasures left by industrious spiders. They are everywhere, all dripping in dew jewels.
2. My mom is going to see an Elton John concert tonight. My mom is 89 years old : )
3. Daughter #3 has her BF visiting for the weekend. They've been friends for sixteen years. Some of the friendships we help our children cultivate when they are young are gladly carried on their own hearts now.


  1. Those webs are beautiful!

    That's neat that your mom is going to see Elton. I have a story about him. He has a home in Atlanta in the penthouse of a condominium building. A friend's elderly mother lives in that building and met him in the elevator. He invited her for cocktails and she has been a regular guest since. The funny thing is - she had no idea who he was until her son told her. The son brought her some CDs and she told Elton that she had listened to his music. I can just imagine his laughter when she told him she didn't really care for the music. :) I have a feeling that's why she's a guest - no prior knowledge.

  2. Oh my, dew jewels, indeed! And good for your mom--I'll be she had a ball. :)