Monday, September 12, 2011

Cricket Minuet, You lose, A day in the life...

1. All is quiet as I work near the kitchen window this afternoon. My ears slowly adjust to the silence and then I become aware of the crickets' song. It's pleasant and peaceful; much better than the harsh cicada's racket we've had to endure all summer.
2. We had a good laugh remembering Steve's custom made spinner for the girls' Chutes and Ladders game from when they were little. He can never leave well enough alone. I think his ulterior motive was to get the games to end more quickly.
3. We marched around the high school and visited Daughter #4's classes. It gave us a tiny glimpse into her day with its sights and smells and sounds.


  1. Haha--you lose this game! That's funny. Something my dad would have done. :)

  2. Jayne- it must be a dad thing : )
    I do remember hearing plaintive cries coming from the other room as Steve played with the girls and one of them would get that "you lose" spin.

  3. What a neat concept for your blog! I used to call mine "One Magical Moment Per Day" and was able to write about 1 thing a day for over a year. I now post 1 or 2 a week. I couldn't imagine doing 3 a day. These are beautiful. Made me remember my childhood games.