Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catching up, Vanishing of the Bees, Haven't seen you in a while

1. A peaceful, quiet day with time to catch up on house work and reading.
2. Daughter #2 recommended a movie which prompted me to watch it and to post over here today.
3. A pot of homemade chicken soup is a welcome dinner since we haven't had all summer.


  1. I never seem to get caught up on my housework it seems. Homemade chicken soup is fabulous, especially now that the colder weather is beginning! xxoo

  2. I make Martha Stewart's Big Batch Vegetable Soup and use chicken stock instead of vegetable stock sometimes. I love a bit pot of soup. Now you've got me thinking about that.

  3. Marie- I'm SO ready for cooler weather!
    Lynn- I always have good luck with all of Martha's recipes. I subscribed to her Everyday Food for a few years and have kept them all. I'll look for the recipe you mentioned. Thanks!