Monday, August 29, 2011

Shopping styles, Entrusted with the phone, I'm a stranger...or am I?

1. It's daughter #3's turn to have a shopping trip. She is efficient in her approach to shopping and makes beelines to exactly what she wants. None of this wandering aimlessly nonsense and I am thankful.
2. She insists on carrying her own shopping bags, but she allows her spiffy phone to go in my purse.
3. While my daughter uses a dressing room, the sales clerk chats with me. The conversation begins with the subject of their clothing line and sizing. Before long, she tells me her story about obesity, alcoholism, a car wreck, her girlfriend's heroin addiction, a child caught in the middle and financial hardship. These are all very difficult things to overcome, yet her's is a story of victory. Today she is a happy, successful, (thin!) young lady with no regrets. I'm happy to offer her encouragement and praise.


  1. I am glad you were there to witness that shopclerk's story. Sounds like she needed to share.

  2. That story of the sales person is amazing. You must have a calm, listening presence, Leonora. That's so lovely.