Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nowadays they perform Lady Gaga, On hold, Becca and Zach

1. Amongst our cabinet of sheet music we found a cantata for St. Joan D'Arc. Tucked inside the front cover was a music program from Richfield Springs Central School, 1938, where the cantata was performed. It's an ambitious program for a little country school and I imagine the rehearsals, the scene at the high school auditorium that April evening, the excitement of parents gathering in the audience... I love finding old things : )
2. If I can't get to the computer, it means there's a guest in the guest room. That's always a good thing.
3. Our daughter's friend is married this weekend and we attend the garden party celebration. A local band plays lively music on a hay wagon-turned-stage. People are dancing on the grass, food and drink are in abundance, and Irene provides dramatic cloud cover with no rain!


  1. I used to pour over my mom's high school yearbooks from the 1940s for that same reason. I love old things like that, too.

    The wedding celebration sounds absolutely enchanting!

  2. What a wonderful weekend! So glad to hear Irene was good to you. ;)