Thursday, August 11, 2011

A new groomer, Camaraderie, Circadian rhythm

1. He collapses on the passenger seat, his energy sapped from the anxiety of a new experience. Poor little guy. I keep my hand on his neck, lightly stroking his new velvet coat as I drive us home.
2. It's hit or miss at the laundromat when choosing a good washer. My front loader is leaking water and the owner advises me by phone to kick the door shut. I hesitate about kicking the equipment and a nice young man offers to kick it for me. Before he leaves, he tells me which is the good dryer. I pass this information along to the next lady who comes in after me and she's appreciative of the information.
3. Steve and I fan out over the property, mowing and trimming into the evening. A full moon rises over the east hills and I notice that dusk descends a bit earlier. The air hints of fall so I plug in the patio lights to cheer myself and stake my claim on a bit more of summer.


  1. I confess that I'm looking forward to fall - it's been so hot here. All three things are lovely today - especially how you comforted your pet.

  2. I look forward to fall during the height of summer but as soon as school starts I grieve over the departure of endless days of unstructured fun.