Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life, Ruby in the rough, Partners

1. The local men, mostly farmers in jeans and overalls or retired guys, congregate on the porch of the little country store before work. They look happy and laid-back and I imagine the conversation goes something like this, " Have you heard the one about...?"
2. Beets: Dirt crusted, tough-looking, hard as rocks. Transformed into beautiful, ruby red slices in jars. Just like gems of the earth.
3. Steve takes on the many little odds and ends jobs around the house. The kind of little tasks that, when combined, eat up a lot of time. I'm thankful to be freed of them today!


  1. You have made me feel the pleasures of late summer. I used to make all my own preserves and pickles and can remember the satisfaction of seeing rows of pickled beets in jars, all done and glowing like the treasures they were!! xxoo

  2. I can just imagine the sparkling beauty of those jars of beets.