Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cooked to perfection, It boils down to this, Volunteerism

1. My second time successfully baking the bacon. I will never, ever fry bacon in a pan again.
2. Huge mounds of raw vegetables condense into six, pint-size jars of relish. There's a little bit of green tomato relish leftover, so I have it on top of smoked Gouda and crackers for lunch. It is so worth the effort.
3. We have many people, including teens, successfully working together on building projects without one, appointed leader. In theory, this should spell disaster. On the contrary, everyone is happy, jovial, and getting the work done in a beehive of activity.

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  1. That's how they do it at the assisted living facility my mom lives in. They bake the bacon - and it's so good. And not as messy. Yum.