Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet corn, What a kitchen needs, From the mountains, Accomodating a family

1. The locally grown corn at Ikenberry's is tender and sweet. Slathered in butter, salt and pepper, it's the highlight of our meal.
2. It's a "Wishlist" so we get to imagine anything we'd like to have on it. It doesn't mean we'll get it, but we can wish all we want.
3. Chelsea phones from Floydfest where she is volunteering for the weekend. We are both surprised that her phone works from the mountains. I think she is being thoughtful to touch base with me because of The Incident* that happened the last time she was there.
4. Claire also phoned to say that they sold their Miata. She said she's a bit sad to sell the little, red, two-seater convertible but she's happy because now they are three.

*I'll write about this when I have more time

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