Monday, July 11, 2011

On being productive, There must be a lot of bugs to eat here, What we don't see

1. What to do when it's too hot outside? Clean the basement! The "three pile" rule definitely helps: give away, throw away, keep.
2. The barn swallows have tripled in numbers and they perform multiple aerobatic groups simultaneously. When at rest, they all line up on the power lines.
3. A flower within a flower goes unnoticed unless we look closer. There are so many mysteries hiding out there...


  1. Wow, beautiful photo. What kind of flower is that? You are reminding me now of how much my basement needs cleaning! (I'm not ready for that.)

  2. Most people don't have basements over here, but we do have garden sheds that are much the same. Ours needs cleaning out big time! Love the flower. Sooo beautiful! A flower within a flower, never thought of that, but it's so obvious! xxoo

  3. Jayne- It's a zinnia, a smallish one.