Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CRAZY bird, Sun kissed, Fellow New Yorker

1. An aggressive mockingbird dives at me with a whoosh and screech every time I try to water the pots out front. Even when I anticipate the attack, I still duck and yelp with surprise. Tonight I figure out that if I face the bird, it won't dive at me. So I scold it, head-on, the entire time I'm watering. Ha! It's a game of chicken with a mockingbird.
2. A sun-warmed tomato fills the palm of my hand as I twist it off the vine.
3. My friend introduces me to the Fresh Air child who is staying with them. She is 500 miles away from home, spending summer in the Virginia countryside. When I tell her that I am from New York too, her shy demeanor falls away and a brief flicker of smile meets mine.
3a. This reminds me of being with my dad when he would run into old friends and they would shout to each other, "Ey! Paisan!"

1 comment:

  1. Is that the trick with mockingbird's, Leonora?! Ha, that's funny. I'm going to try stillness next time. The birds have been crazy all summer.

    Mmmm, now I want to have a fresh tomato and avocado pocket. I'm still waited for my potted versions to ripen.

    And so nice of your friend to host a Fresh Air child. :)