Monday, July 18, 2011

The bane of my existence, Ahh, Taking care of business

1. Pulling up wire grass and the whole runner comes up, too.
2. I sit in the shade and remove my cap. When the breeze hits my sweaty brow, it has the effect of air conditioning.
3. I'm determined to wipe the slate clean and pay off my library fine of $1.20.


  1. Hi Leonora,

    I've followed your blog for a while but haven't yet commented, so I thought I would! I love your writing style and how I can visualise everything you've written about.

    Enjoy your day and I hope you'll feel relief when you've paid off your library fine; I always feel a sense of satisfcation and tell myself I'll never get another...hmm...!


    Love Amie

  2. #3 takes courage. I can relate

  3. I once asked my husband to pay someone to come and sit in the yard and pull up wire grass. He wouldn't do it.