Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tempest, 50th for a friend, Goodnight

1. We had a heavy downpour that lasted long enough to give everything a deep watering. We really needed this. Henri and I sat with our faces in the open window, sniffing the warm, rainy earth.
2. Claire phoned to say they safely made it to Alaska.
3. The trees sparkle from underneath with patio lights. A canopy, also strung with lights, covers food and drinks. It's a lovely evening for a garden party at our friend's home.
4. I fell into bed and immediately went off to sleep.


  1. What starts with gushing rain ends with sparkly trees and good friends--all in all, a wonderful day.
    Glad your daughter made it safely to Alaska. Seems everyone is traveling there this month. I have family and friends who left for Alaska just a couple of weeks ago. I hear it's beautiful country. :)