Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday's child, White chocolate caramel turtle with pecans, For me!, Dressed in white

1. Our eldest daughter, Claire, celebrates her birthday today. Twenty-six years ago this day is vividly clear in my mind with memories of blue skies, fluffy clouds and peonies. A sweet baby she was, and still is.
2. Trying to choose delicacies from the candy counter at Chocolate Paper is nerve wracking. Everything looks delicious. The servers must be experienced with our type of behavior because they are very patient as we make up our minds.
3. We happen across a sale that is too good to be real. As I exclaim what a deal this is, she grabs it from my hands and runs to the cashier with it, glancing over her shoulder with a smile. Audrey bought it for me!
4. This evening we attend the pinning ceremony for radiography students. Chelsea is among them. She has found her niche and we share her joy. Her future patients will be in good and kind hands.


  1. You have me drooling and jealous on #2. So happy for you on #1 & #4.

  2. Aw, isn't Claire beautiful--she looks like you, Leonora. Happy Birthday, Claire!
    And congrats to Chelsea. Now if I didn't have a horrible headache, I'd spend more time thinking about that chocolate.

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Congrats to Chelsea too!! xxoo