Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Necessary accessory, And if that's not enough, you wanna hear my maiden name?, Evening's entertainment

1. Trying on frames without the benefit of clear vision makes the task a bit tricky. I'm depending on the assistant to help me choose a fashion statement. In order not to carry this burden alone, she calls over two more assistants. I model pair #1 and pair #2 with the instruction, "I want to look younger without coloring my hair." All three blurt out, "PAIR #1!!"
2. The guy likes to talk a lot. Loads of stories about other people, acquaintances, the war (Vietnam I assume). Every story has a slight racial edge. I cringe inside, not knowing what I might hear next. He says, "Yankee", a lot. It all began over my ethnic-sounding last name. I am pleased when he asks me where I'm from and I get to say, "New York." Somehow, I feel as though I have the last word even though I've spoken very little.
3. A swelling, black storm with jagged lightening crept over us this evening. I watched from the porch until it felt safer to watch from a window.


  1. I get the same feeling trying on sun glasses. I never know if I am seeing clearly through it but there is no other way to see how I look wearing it. Assistants are helpful that way.

    Now I am curious about your last name. :)

  2. I am curious about your last name too! I love watching storms from a porch, but alas, they don't do porches over here. Another thing I miss from home . . .

  3. oh i have to pick out new frames tomorrow, i hope i am as lucky as you were...thanks for sharing!