Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glad that's over, Is he for real?, Summoned, I can feel my brain relax

1. I'm anxious for the appointed time when I can retrieve my puffy-faced, groggy, less-four-wisdom-teeth daughter. She looks up at me with glazed eyes and I am so glad to see her.
2. Funny hummingbird put his entire body into the trumpet flower, leaving only his little derriere sticking out.
3. The use of bells for invalids must have gone out the window with the invention of the cell phone. She uses it to call me from her bedroom when she needs assistance.
4. The house is so peaceful and quiet. No TV, no music, no barking dog, no lawnmowers or ringing phone. Not even any voices. Just stillness...


  1. Oh Leonora- that is so funny--my daughter does the same thing with her phone, only she uses it when she's perfectly able to come find me.
    Hope your daughter's feeling better. Why, oh why, were wisdom teeth ever invented if we just have to all lose them? ;)

  2. Ouch four less wisdom teeth sounds painful, and busy for you for the next few days. Hope she heals quickly.

    Love the hummingbird bit. :)

  3. yes, i too like the stillness and yet a loud rainstorm or windstorm makes me smile too

  4. Hope the daughter's feeling better soon. I remember when I had that done, a very long time ago. No fun.