Monday, June 20, 2011

Just do it, Curiousity, Night sounds

1. In one of those slumps. Thankfully, life goes on with or without me and I hate to not participate.
2. A family of eight is next door, looking over the rental property. The children happily scatter like baby bunnies, running this way and that, exploring every nook and cranny of the outdoors.
3. We sit on the screen porch after dark and listen to the night.

Poor Claire phoned to say that she broke her wrist. I'm relieved to know that her pain is nominal and she received good medical care in Fairbanks. They are staying with Daniel's family for the next three weeks, so she has plenty of care and help. She says it shouldn't hinder their plans much.


  1. Oh no--there'll be more (and louder) echos in the hills! (Glad Claire's OK.)

  2. I love listening to the night. Let's compare notes in one of our posts...

  3. Sorry to hear bout Claire's wrist. Hope it heals quickly. I love night sounds. One thing I miss over here is the sound of frogs. I know they have them here, we just don't hear them. Nor crickets either! xxoo