Thursday, May 12, 2011

Planting meals, Expecting a dinosaur to emerge, Our daughter

Hmm, something odd has happened and my last post is gone. This week has been so hectic that I can't recall the details. But good things have happened. They always do.

1. I turned the soil on the other side of the vegetable garden and planted tomatoes. That afternoon, a drenching rain watered them for me. They have been rain-watered every day since : )
2. The last two mornings have been thick with mist.
3. As I sat waiting in the car, rain pounded the roof and pelted the trees. Yet, in all this noise, it was incredibly peaceful.
4. Her art teacher made a very nice speech about her. The school board honored her with an award and everyone clapped for her. She then proceeded to tell the audience that her award winning photograph was an accident.

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  1. i can smell the garden soil from here. your record of these simple things would make my day, too.