Saturday, May 14, 2011

Echoes, Down the road, Life in town, New neighbors

1. At 6am I take my coffee on the porch to watch the mist and listen to the quiet. A turkey breaks the silence with his call. I follow his voice as he goes from wood to field and then back again with an enormous flapping of his wings.
2. Audrey begins our conversation this morning with, "Last night I almost hit a bear that was as big as a cow."
3. Since we're going to be in town, Chelsea says to stop by for lunch and see their new apartment. They've moved across the courtyard to a bigger place. The renovated Tudor building has an inviting courtyard with a little pond and waterfall and beautiful gardens. We admire all the plantings, visit with neighbors and then go inside for lunch in front of an open window.
4. A pair of house finches claim residence in the trumpet vine. The female fusses and primps her nest while the male inspects above and below. (Men with their attics and basements.) Then he flies to the top of the pergola and sings like crazy while she continues to line the nest.


  1. your virginia sounds like my maine-turkeys and bears! my porch is one of my favorite places to spy on wildlife in the yard and woods, but no turkey sightings at our house this spring, at least not yet.

  2. I love living in a place where you can observe wildlife... growing up on Staten Island, Pigeons and squirrels where the most exotic we came across.

  3. m- Last summer we vacationed in York,Maine and everyone was talking about the moose that had been on the beach a week earlier.

    Karen-This is the farthest out we've ever lived. I'm learning as we go along.