Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another home that I'm happy to return to, The visitor, Simple evening

1. The music at church has me right where I want to be; joyful and ready to worship.
2. I see an odd, black form out the window and ask aloud, "What is that?" The others turn their heads and one exclaims, "That's a bear!" All seven of us rush at the window just as the bear stands tall on its hind legs. The hunter among us estimates it's a young bear, weighing about 200 pounds. As the bear lumbers closer, we run from window to window and finally we all rush out the door, following it with eyes only, as it runs up the hill. We are a silly-looking bunch.
3. Everyone has gone out for an activity, so Steve and I choose a movie and cuddle up on the sofa to watch it together.


  1. the story with the bear is very cool :) unfortunately living in nyc all I see outside my windows are occasional squirrels and some birds.


  2. My cousin looked out here window one day to see a black bear sunning itself in her son's paddling pool. Scary stuff! But also mesmerizing! Cuddling on the sofa to a good movie is the best! xxoo