Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All shapes and sizes, Like Alice after the rabbit, Thank you Mother Nature

1. Removing my gardening gloves, I pour the seeds into the palm of my hand.
2. The crazy trumpet vine sidetracks me as I search for the source of its elusive, underground runners. I'm digging up gravel and clay, crawling around on my knees, yanking on vines and overall just playing in the dirt.
3. By evening the rain comes to water all that's been planted today.


  1. Perfect timing, Leonora! What are you planting??

  2. Jayne, So far I've got red and gold beets, scallions, a lettuce mix, parsley and rosemary in the ground. Green and yellow string beans, tomatoes and basil will go in another week. I've eliminated all the vine crops because we have a cucumber beetle problem that I don't feel like battling. Do you plant a garden?