Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Study of Dogwoods

These photos are for The Plant Gardener. Take a moment to visit her lovely blog and gardens on Vancouver Island.

Dogwoods grow everywhere around here. They are brightest when back dropped by evergreens along the roadside. I think they look even brighter on dark, rainy days.

This is the road in front of our house. Many wild dogwoods were left in place as homes were built, so now they look like specimen plantings. (Sometime I'll write about the vineyard and winery across the road. Their sign is just past the leaning telephone pole and they make very nice wine.)

Here is a young Dogwood flanked by the Redbud. Redbuds also grow wildly and abundantly around here.


  1. Pretty photos, Leonora. I remember when my parents planted the dogwood in our little back yard. I was just a little girl and it was our very first tree. I still love to see its blooms in the spring.

  2. absolutely breathtaking!
    i love seeing all the varieties, colours and shapes
    thank you ever so much