Saturday, April 9, 2011

Planting day, A volunteer!, Baby lettuce

1. Today we picked up our hemlocks from the nursery. They're gorgeous! It's been raining so Steve got right to digging the holes while the ground is soft. Now to keep the deer and wooly adelgid off...
2. I've had trouble getting any sort of vine to stay alive live on my trellis. My next idea was to try a climbing rose. As I was pulling dandelions out of the daffodils, I was astonished to find what looks like a miniature rose! It's almost too weird to believe. I've never grown a rose here, so I can't imagine how it came to be growing in the daffodils. I moved it to the trellis and we'll see what happens.
3. A seed packet of inspiration. This little seed packet has me antsy to get out there and dig my garden.

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  1. try a rambling rose. they don't need any pruning except to get rid of old stuff and the thorns are so huge they keep all deer etc away.. happy gardening