Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've been patiently waiting, Two things that have never happened to me before

1.Roanoke has been without a fabric store for months, until now! I happily perused pattern books, shopped for fabrics and notions and didn't mind the wait in line.
2. Today I had a new experience. Flash flooding put the parking lot ankle deep in water. We waded to the car and drove 40 minutes home with sloshing water in our shoes and jeans that were wet up to our knees. Thick, dry socks and slippers felt luxurious after we washed and dried off.
3. I searched and searched for the origin of the buzzing sound. Checking under the pillow, at the window, even from room to room. It was everywhere. I can't be going mad, I know I hear a bug! I called Steve and Tess to help me find it. Well, here is another first for me, the bug was in my ear. The pleasure in all this you ask? To know that I am not crazy. I was questioning myself for a minute there : )
4. Power's out for five hours so we get to eat out.

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