Thursday, March 31, 2011

The ladies, Success with a dress, "This is the famous Budweiser beer", Disappearing act

1.I set a pretty table and bake a Pineapple Upside Down Cake to pamper some friends who are coming by. One daughter enters the kitchen and says, "Oh, are the ladies coming over?" Another daughter comes in and says, "Is that for the ladies?"
2. I finished sewing a summery cotton dress for myself. It's a relaxing endeavor that I enjoy, working with fabrics to make something out of nothing.
3. Audrey quotes an entire beer commercial at the dinner table. Steve responds with one that he's memorized, then Audrey comes back at him with a third and then quips, "OK you're turn."! I am dumbfounded that people (let alone my family) would bother to have entire beer adds memorized. I'm laughing at their quick retorts.
4. One of "the ladies" has gotten mascara on the linen napkin. Not to worry, honestly! I toss them all on the counter and forget about it...until evening, when she emails to say that she sneaked the napkin home to wash it herself. She is such a fun mischief maker : )

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