Friday, March 18, 2011

Flying low, Newest program for me, Earplugs

1. Fighter jets roar over the house, inspiring both fear and awe. I run to the porch and see the next one blast by. This force is oddly out of place here in the quiet countryside. To think that there is a human being inside of it!
2. I'm enjoying the Doc Martin series with its beautiful scenery and quirky characters.
3. Picked Tess up from school and went straight out for dinner and a crazy, noisy concert. No, I didn't like the music and neither did Tess, but it was still fun to be out.

1 comment:

  1. Doc Martin is a wonderful series. I love Martin Clunes! He's a brilliant actor. I grew up on Airforce bases so I am well used to the sound of jets flying overhead. I can remember now exciting it was as a child to hear them break the sound barrier! Times spent together with daughters are special times, even if you didn't enjoy the music!