Thursday, February 24, 2011

We need the rain, Abe Lincoln had good eyes, No problems

1. It is a dark and dreary day. The kind of dreariness where something sinister would happen if this were a novel. But for me, nothing to do but laundry and ironing. Such a mundane day that lunch is the main highlight. A fried red pepper and egg sandwich with a slice of Provolone melted on top and eaten on a hard roll.
2. So dark and dreary in fact, that the power went out around 8PM. I lit an assortment of candles and little bottles filled with oil and wick. We came from our separate rooms and gathered around the lights. Steve read aloud (by headlamp) while we chatted.
3. Retreating to our beds in order to keep warm, I'm surprised how cozy and comfortable it is under the down. The rain still sounds nice, too.

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