Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is exciting! It doesn't smell sweet yet, It was with the dishes

1. My environment is changing color, slowly and chameleon-like, from warm yellow to cool gray. The impact is more dramatic than I imagined it would be.
2. We sat outside on the grass today! Brown and scratchy as it is, it still felt good to sit on the ground. It was mild enough that we could take our time and not be hurried in by the cold.
3. I almost forgot where I hid my chococlate. I hid it from myself because I have no willpower whatsoever and I want it to last for at least a few days. Found it! I savored some and left some for tomorrow.

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  1. Leonora- That happens to me all the time - I hide things (from myself or the kids) and can't for the life of it remember where I hid them! Here's a take on this condition, which will make you smile (maybe even laugh 'til you cry!):

    No sign of grass here yet, but tomorrow it'll be warming. A month of warm and we may see beneath the snow!

    Love those colors, too!