Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's not fair, Fiber-licious, Filling the bag

"True greatness is revealed through kindness to the children and the weak." (from Pastor David on Luke 9:48)

1. I'm rifling through Steve's sermon notes to see if he caught something I missed. He has the keen ability to multi-task as evidenced by the scribbles scattered among his notes. I've often accused him of not paying attention, but he remembers everything about the sermon as well. He claims this is what helps him concentrate.
2. I made B.'s recipe for Lentil Stew today. Slices of turkey sausage are little prizes in some of the spoonfuls.
3. I told Chelsea we would drop off some stew since she is having her turn with a head cold. I find other odds and ends to add to the bag, like cookies. Steve contributes a home brewed beer for Chad.


  1. Stew for the head cold... um, wish I had you as my neighbor. :)

  2. You can't beat a nice soup or stew when you are feeling poorly! I love to take notes at church as well. It helps me to focus better and the words have more meaning! xxoo