Saturday, February 5, 2011

The big day, Just pull the trigger, Dressed for success

1. The kitchen base cabinets are all painted and today I began to spray paint the doors. Steve built a painting "room" for me in the basement, encased in plastic. He installed fluorescent lights, so I could see better, and built a room sized easel to set all the doors on. I think about what a good team we make and I am thankful.
2. I'm still pleased with the gravity- feed paint prayer. These doors would have taken hours longer without it. And now I leave behind no brush strokes!
3. I wear a uniform of old clothes, a big-pocketed apron reserved for painting, and a scarf tied over my hair. It somehow makes me feel competent to tackle the job.


  1. I imagine this was a typo, but I love the idea of a "paint prayer"! Glad you were able to complete your work.

  2. Ha, ha, Anita! Typo or subconscious slip??? I'll be glad when this job is done.