Friday, February 18, 2011

Bank bakery, A sign of spring, It gets better

1. On Fridays, my bank gives each customer a little white paper bag containing a warm cookie. The cookies are pretty good, but the white paper bag is what makes them special.
2. Bulky bunches of asparagus, strapped with rubber bands, stand at attention under a sign that advertises a good price. I bring home two bunches to roast for dinner.
3. Sometimes I prefer a mild, cloudy day even better than a sunny one, when I can smell the moisture in the earth.


  1. I my gosh, I want to put my money in a bank like that! That's if I had any . ;)

  2. What a wonderful idea that bank has! How generous! I love fresh asparagus and can't wait for the season to start here! I love the smell of damp earth as well. It smells so heavenly to me!