Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My heart rate goes up, Love is..., Winter holds on

1. The store has a garden and seed display out. Stacks of peat pots with their earthy smell stop me dead in my tracks. Oh, the smell of earth! My vision is clouded with clotheslines, green grass, blue skies and skittering clouds. Thank you, Dad for making me a gardener.
2. She's in 'my' kitchen again, doing the cooking thing. I back out and let her have the space, hanging out in the next room in case she has a question. Oh, the miraculous effects a boyfriend will have on an (almost) eighteen year-old girl : )
3. Schools are closed, events are canceled, so we snuggle in with a pot of soup and nothing to do.


  1. I loved reading this. It overflows with atmosphere and sensation. Lovely.
    I came here by way of Shopgirl. Glad I found you!

  2. Fab post Leonora. I am right there with you, hunkering down! xxoo

    PS I am assuming there's leftover cake that we can share over dreams of spring?