Monday, January 31, 2011

More fun than an amusement park, I get it!, I've been stifled

1. The hardware store has a pleasant and unique smell about it. Paints, tools and gardening items blend into an inspirational atmosphere where I want to walk up and down every aisle just so I don't miss anything. This is an advantage to visiting the small, neighborhood hardware store. It's manageable in size and the service is great.
2. We spend three hours pushing buttons, referring to the manual, and listening to an expert guide us through the use of our cameras. (Or in my case, Tess' camera.) He's a good teacher as well as a wonderful photographer and I've finally learned something about cameras in a way that makes sense to me.
3. I think Facebook has censored me. I'm quite innocent when it comes to vulgarities or anything nasty. But my sense of humor might not be appreciated. As I drift off to sleep, a smile settles on my lips when I think of me being censored. My rebel spirit is proud and I think everyone ought to be censored at least once in their lives.

P.S. on #3. I am censored by my own flesh and blood. Facebook is innocent. My experience shows that teenagers don't appreciate their parent's sense of humor. She has also removed me as her "friend". Now I'm laughing even harder : )

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