Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inside the globe, From nature and firends, Now reading...

1. The sky shook the snow down in fits and swirls. Today we lived in a snow globe.
2. From the kitchen I could hear the lathe and smell the walnut that Steve is cutting and shaping into a table for our growing family. The huge walnut log was given to us by a friend, the lathe borrowed from another friend and Steve's labor is...he'll kill me when I say, "free".
3. Scrapped the other book I was reading and started, Peace Like a River. Much better.

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  1. SOmetimes I miss living in a snowglobe and other's I am glad that I don't! My ex husband used to like to do woodworking. My Todd is not handy at all. I do miss the smell of freshly cut wood, but I'd ruther have a husband that loves me! xx