Sunday, December 19, 2010

My kitchen- the lab, Happy baker, You're too old for this

1. The guys decided to perform an experiment. "Why not make beer from horse grain?" They are the funniest pair to watch in action. They took careful notes and made a total mess.
2. Tess took charge of her Buche de Noel for French class. Here, she pipes meringue mushrooms that will decorate the log. She, on the other hand, hardly made any mess.
3. He went out to feed the horses and when he came back in, he said. "I fell!" Frantically, I asked him, "How? Where! Are you hurt!?" He said, "I was sledding down the hill, standing up." He's fine and I slapped him for being stupid.

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  1. LOL.. great post. These are the days to cherish. And, you have horses!... I have a QH gelding who I adore.