Monday, December 6, 2010

Buy, buy, buy!, Pressure, Shelter

1. Stumbled in on Macy's sale quite by accident. I went in to check on an item I had my eye on as a gift for someone. Regular price $80. Today it's 40% off plus a 25% Friends and Family Discount = final price $36.00!!
2. It's just as I imagined. We hear a loud pop and something hits the floorboards below the living room. I just knew things would explode when one brewed beer.
3. The wind is bitter and relentless as I carry hay across the field to the horses. I take it into the lean-to where it's calm and cozy. VanderBandy prances to me with his neck arched, frisking in the wind. I'm glad somebody's happy in this weather!

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