Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bedside manner, It's so cold you can..., Winter

1. Our family doctor: She takes the time to chat and ends the visit with a hug.
2. A customer in the hairdresser's chair talks about Michigan winters and driving on frozen lakes.
3. Tess and I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. My favorite scene is where the characters are skating on a frozen pond. This program always reminds me of my childhood winters in New York. Charles Schulz used the perfect colors and shades of light to capture his winter scenes.


  1. My favorite is A Charlie Brown Christmas too. Last night I sat on the couch to watch it with my 14 year old son, thrilled that he would even bother... and I fell asleep!!! Woke up when they were singing round the tree at the end... *sigh* perhaps there will be a re-run.

  2. I eavesdrop on conversations in the hairdresser's chair too. It made me smile. I skated when I was little on frozen ponds in Beijing, it was fun memories. Thanks for the post!

  3. And I love your Emily Dickinson quote... too true, I need to live in the present more.