Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're bigger than you, I'll take that challenge- with a smile, This is my normal

1. I have their grain, so the horses gallop towards me. I always feel like this is a game of chicken. Will I flinch and turn or stand my ground? They stop on a dime every time and never run me over. How do they do that?!
2. The challenge: Drop everything when the phone rings at 8:40 am (I'm not even dressed!), drive 12 miles over the mountain through rain and mist to get Audrey from school. Then drive another 22 miles on the interstate, in rain and mist, with tractor trailer trucks, to the doctor's office. The catch- I must be there by 10:00. The clock behind the receptionist's desk reads 10:02 and we made it alive! Just don't anyone look at my hair.
3. It is evening and I'm pulling warm, spicy gingerbread cookies from the oven. This is more my pace : )

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